Unlock O3 (Arbitrum)

Step1. Go to Vault and Switch to the Arbitrum Mainnet. Connect to your Arbitrum wallet

Step2. After claiming O3 from Airdrop and staking, the rewards will show in the "locked" amount. Need to provide the O3 liquidity on SushiSwap to unlock your O3.

Step3. Buy O3 (Arbitrum) in the open market

You can buy the unlocked O3 or exchange your O3 from other chains to Arbitrum directly on O3 Swap. (If you have the unlocked O3, skip this step.)

O3 Token Contract: 0xEe9801669C6138E84bD50dEB500827b776777d28

How many O3 should I buy?

Use the Unlock Calculator at the Vault page. Enter the locked amount to see the recommended LP and O3. We don't set the minimum for unlock. You can provide any amount of LP you want.

Step4. Click "Get LP". Provide the O3/USDT trading pair on SushiSwap

Approve the O3 and USDT firstly and confirm the liquidity supply. After supply liquidity successfully, you will see your position in USDT/O3 pool on SushiSwap.

O3 Balance on SushiSwap is including the locked and unlocked amounts. Please note only unlocked O3 can be supplied.

Step5. "Stake" SLP from SushiSwap to start unlocking process

After staking successfully, the Speed will begin to run and the Unlocked Amount will increase gradually.

Step6. Claim your unlocked O3

When the "Unlocked Amount" = the "Locked O3". This means the unlock process is completed. You can claim all unlocked O3 to your wallet.


1. "Claim" the unlocked amount frequently will reset the unlock process. We recommend claiming all when the unlocking process is completed.

2. You can provide any amount of LP you want, there is no time limit for the unlocking process.

3. If you have the locked O3, you can click the unlock calculator first to see how many LP we recommend to stake to reach the max unlock speed.

4. Once you stake the LP in Vault, locked O3 will begin to unlock automatically. You don't need to stake again when you claim new locked O3 from staking pools in the future.

5. If you also join other staking events, you will also need the LP to unlock the rewards. So we recommend don't unstake your LP in this case.

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