How to add liquidity?

Go to Select a pool that you want to deposit your tokens into from the pool list. You can input the token name or chain name in the search box to quickly find your desired pool.

Click on a pool tab to show the pool details. Select the pool you want to deposit into and click "+".

Take the USDT pool on Ethereum as an example. Input the number of USDT, or pUSDT, or the numbers of both USDT and pUSDT that you want to deposit into the pool.

Then click “Deposit” to continue the transaction, and click the “Confirm” button in the pop-up window of your wallet extension or app to submit the transaction.

After the transaction, you will receive an amount of LP-USDT representing the liquidity that you have deposited. The amount of LP-USDT you can receive will be shown below.

Adding pToken into the pool can reduce the price impact and you will get more LP tokens when there are more Tokens than pTokens in the pool, which means that you are balancing the pool and it will bring you more rewards during liquidity mining.

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