Why did I receive pToken?

What is a pToken?

pToken (O3 pegged token) is the cross-chain soft asset pegged(1:1) from its native token through the O3 protocol. As a medium, it enables the most basic cross-chain function. It’s not necessary for users to have any interactions with pTokens in a normal cross-chain transaction. The only scenarios a user will have to interact with them is when performing Peg, Barter, or arbitrage in the Hub.

When a bridge or cross-chain swap transaction with a higher slippage than the user had previously set occurs due to its low or fluctuated liquidity, the barter on the destination chain may fail, then the user will receive pTokens.

To avoid it, do not set the slippage tolerance too low.

Do not worry if it did happen, check the Userguide to convert your pTokens back to Tokens.

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