O3 Bridge

Step 1: Go to Bridge Page

Go to https://bridge.o3swap.com/ Click Bridge on the homepage to enter the exchange page.

Step 2: Connect to your wallets

Connect the wallet and confirm the connection in the pop-up window.

  • Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Polygon, Arbitrum, xDai, Avalanche cross-chain swap: currently support Metamask, O3 Wallet.

Step 3: Start to swap

  1. Choose the token in the red box below and enter the amount you want to exchange.

  2. Click “Confirm” after you make sure all transaction information is correct.

  3. Click "Approve" to get your wallet permission.

  4. Click "Confirm" again. The Metamask or O3 Wallet will show you a pop-up window to confirm the transaction. You can adjust the GAS fee (network fee).

If you use Eth, BSC, or HECO, we highly recommend you do not change the GAS fee. It may cause transactions to get stuck or fail.

Step 4: Complete transaction

After confirming the transaction on the wallet. You can always check the transaction states on corresponding explorers. In the end, click "release fund" button after you check the release amount. If you are not willing to release, you have to wait for 12 hours and then click "refund" to get your amount.

If you use the Metamask browser extension, please manually add the token contract to your wallet.

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