Cross-chain Airdrop (HT)


  1. Start time: 12:00 PM (UTC) June 10, 2021

  2. Total rewards: 0.0006 HT * 500,000 (transactions) = 300 HT

  3. Airdrop overview: First 500,000 transactions engaging the cross-chain exchange on O3 Swap (from other chains to HECO) are eligible to earn 0.0006 HT, which can be used as a gas fee for at least three transactions. HT will be sent to your address automatically.

  4. Supported cross-chain routes:

  • Swap: BSC - HECO

  • Swap: ETH - HECO

  • Hub: Cross-chain pool (Other chains to HECO)

See the trading guide below:

Swap: BSC to HECO

Step 1: Go to Swap Page

Go to Click Swap on the homepage to enter the exchange page.

Step 2: Connect to your wallets

  1. Connect the wallet and confirm the connection in the pop-up window.

  2. We currently support the MetaMask, MathWallet, and TokenPocket.

  3. If you want to swap the token from BSC to HECO, please connect the BSC and HECO address on this page.

Step 3: Start to swap (Example: BNB to HUSD)

  1. Choose BNB or other BEP-20 tokens in “From” and enter the amount you want to swap.

  2. Choose HUSD or other HRC-20 tokens in “To”.

  3. Click “RFQ” (Request For Quotes).

  4. The trading detail will show on the next page.

5. Trading details include

  • Transfer & receive address

  • Trading route (You can choose other routes by clicking “More Trading Price”)

  • Exchange rate

  • Poly Fee (The cross-chain fee. Poly Network is a cross-chain solution on O3 Swap)

  • 0.3% O3Swap fee (When the transaction involves the aggregation swap)

6. Click “Confirm” after you make sure all transaction information is correct.

7. If this is the first time you swap this asset, transaction approval is required. After approval, click the “Confirm” again to continue the swap.

8. After confirmation, the Metamask or other wallets will show you a pop-up window to confirm the transaction. we recommend do not decrease the GAS fee. It may cause transactions to get stuck or fail.

9. After confirming the transaction on the wallet. You can find the transaction history on the corner of the page.

Swap: Ethereum to HECO

Basically, it's the same operation with BSC to HECO.

  1. Connect ETH and HECO address, choose ETH or other ERC-20 tokens in "from" and HUSD

    or other HRC-20 tokens in "To".

  2. Get the quote and check the transaction information.

  3. Confirm the transaction in the wallet.

Hub: Cross-chain Pool

O3 Hub is composed of a cross-chain asset pool and cross-chain protocol based on Poly Network. It allows you to swap different chain assets within the cross-chain pool.

  1. Connect the wallet.

  2. Choose BEP-20 or ERC-20 tokens in the left "You pay" (we currently support BUSD and USDT) and then choose HRC-20 tokens in the right "You will receive".

  3. Enter the amount you wan to swap.

  4. Click the "Swap". Approval request will pop-up if this is the first time you swap this asset.

  5. After approving the transaction, click the "Swap" again to continue the transaction.


Wallet Setting

BSC Network

HECO Network

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