How to Withdraw the BUSD_LP and HUSD_LP ?

The cross-chain liquidity supports Ethereum Mainnet currently !!

If you add liquidity to Heco and BSC in the trial version, you will not see your Lp in Hub. Please go to "Legacy LP " and withdraw the BUSD_LP and HUSD_LP.


  1. Click [Hub]

  2. Click [Withdraw Legacy LP]

  3. Connect your wallet and switch to the corresponding network on Metamask, then you will see the Legacy LP balance.

  4. Enter the LP amount

  5. Click [Withdraw]

  6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

When can I unstake O3 ?

Staked O3 is not available to unstake until the next mining period (after 500,000 Ethereum blocks, around 10 weeks).

Ice Age Mining

How to claim the staking rewards?

All mining rewards are in a locked state. you need to provide the O3/USDT trading pair on Uniswap and stake the UNI-LP to unlock O3.

You can claim the O3 rewards whenever you want. However, the more frequently you claim, the longer it takes to unlock. We recommend holding longer and claim all in once.

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